IDP IELTS Admission 2017

IELTS is the world’s most popular high-stakes English language test. It is the test that opens doors to a world of academic and professional opportunity in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, the USA and many other places around the world where English is a language in the workplace or the classroom.

IDP IELTS Test For Study :

Thousands of the world’s most reputable universities and colleges will accept your IELTS results as evidence of your English language proficiency.

DP IELTS Admission



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IDP IELTS Test For  Professionals :

Professional registration bodies in many fields will accept an IELTS result, including accounting, engineering, law, medicine, nursing, pharmacy and teaching bodies in many countries. This means that after completing your studies, you may need to take the test in order to gain professional registration in an English-speaking country. If you choose IELTS as the test you take to enter university, you will be familiar with the IELTS test format when you sit it again for professional registration.

The test for migration :

IELTS is required by governments in more countries than any other English language test as a requirement for permanent residency. The governments of the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand accept IELTS results.


The test that’s fairer to you :

Did you know that IELTS is the only high-stakes English language test where your Speaking test is one-on-one with an examiner in a private room where you will not be interrupted by other test takers? There will be no computers, no technical problems and no distractions.

Option A – Register online and pay the test fee by Credit Card

You must have a valid credit card with you to avail the online booking facility.
Log on to
Select the option “Register for IELTS”
Select your test date and test city (you will see the seat availability status)
Complete the on-line application form
Pay the test fee by credit card (Master / Visa)
Get instant seat booking and acknowledgement
You MUST courier the following to IDP head office

IDP Education India Pvt. Ltd.
6th Floor, Plot No.32,
Global Business Square,
Sector 44, Gurgaon-122003

and also bring the following along with you on the day of the test (both speaking and listening, reading, writing test)
Photocopy of your Passport (first and last page), AND any observation pages.
Failing which you will NOT be allowed to sit the test.
Once your registration is complete you will see a confirmation on your computer screen (you must print and bring this on the day of the test). A copy of the confirmation will also be sent in hard copy or on the e-mail address provided when you completed the application form.

Option B – Register in Person at IDP branch or Input Node

Walk into any IDP branch office or the nearest Input Node and use any of the following methods to register:
Method – I
Register online using the computer at the office and make payment of test fee by Credit card, get immediate confirmation of your seat (this is identical to online registration)
Hand over Photocopy of your Passport (first and last page) AND any observation pages.
Hand over the Terms & Conditions document duly signed
Take the instant acknowledgement letter confirming your seat in the test.
Method – II
Take an application form and complete the same
Sign the terms and conditions sheet attached to the application form.
Attach Photocopy of your Passport (first and last page) AND any observation pages
Pay the test fee either;
by Credit card or Debit card / ATM card, or
by Demand Draft (demand draft must be drawn in favour of “IDP EDUCATION INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, Payable at New Delhi”) and should be made from any bank listed in the approved banks list in the Terms & Conditions document
by depositing cash in ICICI bank branch via a customized ICICI deposit slip which can be either downloaded from IDP website or taken from IDP branch office or from any input node. The original customer copy of the customized ICICI deposit slip needs to be handed over to IDP branch office or the input node as a payment proof.
Request the IDP branch staff or input node to enter your application form in the online registration system immediately and give you the acknowledgement of your booking and a tentative seat reservation, thereby ensuring a seat for yourself. Please note that your confirmation will be subject to the realization of the Bank draft (if you have paid the fee by bank draft)

A copy of this Terms & Conditions must be given to the candidate when completing the application form. It is important that the candidate reads and fully understands the applicable test related rules & regulations given hereunder;
1. Test Partners: The IELTS Test is jointly owned by the University of Cambridge English Language Assessment, The British Council and IDP IELTS Australia, who are referred to as the “Test Partners”

2. Test Centre: This refers to the IELTS Test Centre “IDP Education India Private Ltd.” with Centre No. IN855, also referred as the “The Centre”

3. Eligible Age: IELTS is made available worldwide to all persons, regardless of age, gender, race, nationality or religion but it is not recommended to persons under 16 years of age.

4. No Passport, No Test Policy: All candidates must bring their original valid passport, a copy of which was submitted with the application, to the speaking test and listening, reading and writing test. If the candidate does not bring their original passport on the test day, they will be refused entry to the test.

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5. Arrangements for Special Needs: The Test Centre will explore all possible options to accommodate candidates requesting special needs arrangements so that, as far as possible, they are able to take the test on an equal footing with other candidates. “Special needs candidates” includes all candidates with a permanent or long term disability (such as hearing or sight impairment, dyslexia or speaking impediment), as well as those who may have short-term difficulties (such as broken arm). It is essential that special arrangements are only made for candidates with genuine need. For this reason, any such requests must be supported by medical evidence. Candidates should give at least six weeks’ notice of their requirement for these arrangements to allow the centre time to check medical evidence where appropriate and to organize practical matters related to the test delivery.

6. Application Form & Information: Only a fully completed application form will be considered. Incomplete applications may be rejected. The details on the application form are collected for the purposes of the IELTS test and these details may be disclosed to, processed and stored by the test partners and the test centre for the purpose of administration. These details and the examination results may be disclosed by the test partners to those academic institutions or other entities to whom the applicant submits an enrolment application, for the purpose of allowing such institutions or entities to verify the results of the test. If the test partners discover that a false or altered Test Report Form (TRF) has been provided to any of these institutions or entities, the test partners may inform the same and provide them with the applicant’s personal details. The personal details of the applicant may be processed in an anonymous form for statistical and research purposes by the Test Partners and / or the test centre.

7. Test Booking: The test application forms will be accepted by the test centre on a first-come-first-served basis. Test seats are limited and the registration will close for a particular test when all seats are booked or as decided by the centre. The decision of the centre will be final and binding on all candidates.

8. Test Type Selection: The responsibility of test type selection (i.e. Academic or General Training), lies with the applicant. However, it is recommended that if a candidate is unsure of which test module to take, then they refer to the organization to which they are applying. Changing the test module type will be at the discretion of the test centre, subject to the receipt of an application in writing to the test centre. A minimum of five (5) weeks prior to the test date is desirable and the offer of a test place is dependent on availability.

9. Test Fee: Rs. 11,300 (Rupees Eleven Thousand Three Hundred only) (including Service Tax) as applicable.

10. Payment: All payments, for the test fee, transfers (i.e. postponement) must be made by Demand Draft / Pay Order / Credit Card / Cash (at ICICI Bank of India branches) only. The Demand Draft / Pay Order must be made from a nationalized/scheduled bank (refer annexures at the end) and drawn in favour of “ IDP Education India Private Limited” payable at New Delhi.
IMPORTANT: Please include your name, passport number, test date and test location on the reverse of the Demand Draft. Payment in cash will only be accepted at all branches of ICICI Bank of India. Cheque payment is not accepted. Do not pay cash to anyone. If the candidate pays cash to anybody, or pays by Demand Draft drawn in another name, he/she do so at their own risk and the Test Partners and/or the centre will not be responsible for the same. Payment of test fee can also be made by Credit Card (Master/Visa), Debit Card (Maestro/Visa Electron) at the test centre. If the payment from a candidate is not received in the account of IDP Education India Pvt. Ltd, the application for a test will be considered incomplete and will not be accepted; and where applicable, the TRF will be withheld until the payment is confirmed.

11. Passport / Identification Document (ID): An original valid passport is currently treated as the only accepted proof of identification. A passport which is valid as on the date of applying but expires before or on the day of the test, will not be treated as an original valid passport and the candidate will not be permitted to sit the test. The candidate will be treated as a no show and no refund will be applicable in such case. The application form must be accompanied by a clear photocopy of the photo page of the passport (first and last page), without which the application will be treated incomplete and the candidate will not be registered. If a candidate fills and submits the application form to the centre, without submitting a passport copy, and receives an automated acknowledgement, even then, the candidate will not be registered unless he/she submits the copy of the passport at least seven (7) days prior to the test date. In case of applications submitted on-line, it is mandatory for the candidate to provide (deposit/courier to IDP Education India Pvt. Ltd., 6th Floor, Plot No. 32, Global Business Square, Sector 44, Gurgaon-122003(Haryana), India. a clear copy of the passport at least seven (7) days before the test date of Listening/Reading/Writing Test or the Speaking Test whichever is earlier. Failing which, the candidate will not be permitted to sit the test., The candidate will be treated as a no show and no refund will be applicable in such case.

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12. Applying on-line: If a candidate applies on-line, i.e. through the website,, then he/she must pay the test fee by Credit Card (MASTER/VISA) or ATM/Debit Card. The candidate agrees to provide (deposit/courier to IDP Gurgaon office) a clear copy of the passport at least seven (7) days before the test date of Listening/Reading/Writing Test or the Speaking Test whichever is earlier. Failing which, the candidate will not be permitted to sit the test. The candidate will be treated as a no show and no refund will be applicable in such cases

13. Allotment of Test Date: Test dates will be allotted based on the choices provided by the applicant in his/her application form or as selected while completing the online registration. However, in case both dates are not available the candidate will be notified of the next available date, which if acceptable to the candidate will be allotted or the application will be returned to the candidate, if requested. The centre may alter or cancel test dates at its sole discretion; in the absence of a minimum number of candidates on a test date or due to any logistic/operational issues. The decision of the centre will be final and binding on the applicant.

14. Information provided by the Applicant: The applicant takes full responsibility for the correctness of the information provided in the application form. Any information found to be incorrect at any stage will automatically lead to cancellation of the test and the test result and fee paid for such test will be forfeited.

15. Speaking Test: The Speaking Test will be conducted as per a speaking test schedule. The test may be conducted on the same day or anytime during seven (7) days prior to or after the test date of Listening/Reading/Writing Test. We will send the notification about the venue and the time of the Speaking test no later than seven (7) days from the scheduled Listening, Reading & Writing (LRW) test.
16. Request for Transfer of Test Date: A request for a transfer of a test date (i.e. postponement or postponement) to another date will be considered as per the “Test Date Transfer & Cancellation Policy”, in effect at the time of such request. The decision of the centre will be final and binding on the applicant.

17. Request for Withdrawal / Cancellation: All applications for withdrawal/cancellation will be considered as per the “Test Date Transfer & Cancellation Policy”, in effect at the time of such request. and as modified from time to time. The decision of the centre will be final and binding on the applicant.
18. No Show / Absent on Test Day: In cases of an applicant failing to appear on the test date, his/her application will be treated as cancelled, and the candidate will lose their full test fee and no refund will be possible unless medical evidence is provided. The decision of the centre will be final and binding on the applicant.

19. Malpractice: The centre will strictly deal with any malpractice(s) adopted by the applicant, including impersonation, tampering/adjusting the seating plan with malpractice in mind, copying, collusion, disrupting the test in any manner, removing, copying or attempting to remove from the examination room or copy any test material, doing anything that might in any manner damage the integrity and security of the IELTS Test etc., as per guidelines of the Test Partners and the local law of the land. The examination of such candidates will be cancelled and the candidate will be disqualified. The candidate could also be liable to prosecution and may be prohibited from taking an IELTS test in the future, as per the decision of the centre and law of the land, which will be binding on the candidate.

20. Reporting Malpractice / Fraud: The candidate understands that the test fee is currently Rs. 11,300 (Rupees Eleven Thousand Three Hundred only) (including Service Tax) as applicable. The candidate also understands and agrees that he/she must not pay to anyone, any more fees on account of the test. The candidate also understands and agrees that the candidate has not indulged in or has no intention of indulging in any form of malpractice, such as using an imposter to sit the test on the candidate’s behalf, submitting forged documents including the passport or using any other unlawful means including bribery or payment for any undue favors from anyone. The candidate also agrees that if found guilty, the candidate’s results will not be released and the test cancelled. There will be no refund to the candidate. The candidate also understands and agrees that such matters may be reported to the government and law enforcing agencies and necessary action under the law may be initiated against any candidate found to be involved in any such acts. The candidate agrees to immediately inform the IELTS Ethics Officer via email at if the candidate is approached by anyone offering fraudulent services or similar offering in lieu of getting desired scores. All information will be dealt in the strictest confidence.

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21. Complaints: If you want to make a complaint on the day of the test, you must do so before you leave the test venue. Once the writing test is finished, before leaving the hall, go to the authorized IELTS staff and ask for a complaint form to be completed before leaving the test venue and handed over to the IELTS staff.

22. Result Validity: The test results are valid for 2 years from the date of test.

23. Result Communication: The results would be communicated to the applicant within a stipulated time period, as fixed by the Test Partners. TRFs will only be delivered to the address specified by the applicant in the S. No. 5 of the application form. The Centre may at its discretion make available the test scores on the website, or communicate the same through SMS. However, the candidate understands and agrees,that scores communicated over the website or over SMS will be provisional / indicative and must not be treated as final scores or used for any formal, official or verification purposes until the original TRF is received by the candidate. The TRF as issued by the test centre is and will be, the correct, official and authentic IELTS test scores.

24. Enquiry on Results (EOR) – Re-mark: An applicant may apply for an Enquiry on Result (EOR) – Re-mark of their test results, using an Enquiry on Results Application Form. An application for such a request must be forwarded to the centre within six (6) weeks of the test date on the TRF. The fee applicable for re-mark is Rs. 8,475 (Rupees Eight Thousand Four Hundred Seventy Five only) (including Service Tax). The fee should be deposited in IDP branch (Demand Draft or ICICI cash deposit slip or Credit Card/Debit Card Swipe) or should be couriered to IDP Education India Pvt. Ltd., 6th Floor, Plot No. 32, Global Business Square, Sector 44, Gurgaon-122003(Haryana), India. (Demand Draft or ICICI cash deposit slip). The demand draft should be drawn in favour of “IDP EDUCATION INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED”, payable at New Delhi. There is no guarantee of the band score improving, as a result of re-marking. However, should the band score of the candidate increase, the re-remarking fee paid by the candidate will be refunded in full. The decision of the centre will be final and binding on the applicant and no further enquiries will be considered once the re-marking process has been completed.

25. Request for issue of Additional TRF: A candidate may request additional TRFs to be sent directly to institutions that may require these for various purposes. Such requests must be made by the candidate using an Additional TRF Application Form, which is available at the test centre. There is no charge for issuing additional TRFs. However, an administrative fee will have to be paid by the candidate, which will depend upon the mode of dispatch. For dispatches using Registered Post an administrative fee of Rs. 250/- (including Service Tax) per TRF and for a dispatch by courier an administrative fee of Rs. 1250/- (including Service Tax), per TRF will be payable. The administrative fee must accompany the request form by way of Demand Draft, drawn in favour of “IDP EDUCATION INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED”, payable at New Delhi. The additional TRF will not be sent to the candidate or to any body, institution, organization other than those that are recognized by IELTS, as per the approved list of the Test Partners.

26. Receipt of Notice to IELTS Candidates: The applicant confirms that he/she has received the Notice to Candidates brochure, which is available with the application form, and the IELTS application form Terms & Conditions provided by the centre. The receipt of such notice will be deemed to have been read, understood and agreed to by the candidate.

27. Test Terms and Conditions: Once an application is submitted, it will be assumed that the applicant has read and understood all the terms and conditions herein. The terms and conditions can be modified and/or changed as deemed fit, by the centre, without giving prior notice. Such modified terms and conditions, once communicated to the applicant, will be applicable and binding on the applicant.

28. Errors & Omissions: The Test Partners and the test centre, will take full care that the test procedures, administering of the test and declaring of results are handled as per the guidelines of the Test Partners and in the most professional manner and that, no errors or omissions are committed. However, in case any errors or omissions are reported/brought to the notice by the applicant, the same will be taken up and necessary action/remedial measures will be taken. The decision of the centre in such cases will be final and binding on the applicant. No claims or compensations of any nature will be considered.