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About Aadhaar is a 12 digit unique-identity number issued to all Indian residents based on their bio-metric and demographic data. The data is collected by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), a statutory authority established on 12 July 2016 by the Government of India, under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, under the provisions of the Aadhaar Act 2016.

Aadhaar is the world’s largest biometric ID system, with over 1.133 billion enrolled members as of 31 March 2017. As of this date, over 99% of Indians aged 18 and above had been enrolled in Aadhaar. World Bank Chief Economist Paul Romer described Aadhar as “the most sophisticated ID programme in world”.

Aadhaar is not a proof of citizenship, and does not itself grant any rights to domicile in India.


Prior to the enactment of the Act, UIDAI functioned as an attached office of Planning Commission (now NITI Aayog) since 28 January 2009. On 3 March 2016, a money bill was introduced in the Parliament to give legislative backing to Aadhaar. On 11 March 2016, the Aadhaar Act 2016 was passed in the Lok Sabha.On 26 March 2016, this Act was notified in the Gazette of India.

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As of April 2017, a Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court of India is considering the legal validity of Aadhaar on right to privacy grounds.[9] On 23 September 2013, the Supreme Court issued an interim order saying that “no person should suffer for not getting Aadhaar” as the government cannot deny a service to a resident if s/he does not possess Aadhaar, as it is voluntary and not mandatory.[10] In another interim order on 11 August 2015, the Supreme Court of India ruled that “UIDAI/Aadhaar will not be used for any other purposes except PDS, kerosene and LPG distribution system” (which order was later amended to include Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Gurantee Scheme, all types of pensions schemes, employee provident fund and the Prime Minister Jan Dhan Yojana), and made it clear that even for availing these facilities Aadhaar card will not be mandatory.On 27 March 2017, the Supreme Court affirmed that Aadhaar can not be mandatory for availing benefits under welfare schemes, though it can be mandatory for other purposes (such as income tax filings, bank accounts etc).



Aadhar Card Documents Required:

The following documents are accepted by the UIDAI as identity proof:

  • Bank Statement or Passbook.
  • Ration Card.
  • Passport.
  • Post Office Statement or Passbook.
  • Voter ID.
  • Government Photo ID Cards or PSU Issued Service Photo Identity Card.
  • Driving License.
  • Water Bill (It should not be more than 3 months old).

Documents Required For Aadhar Card For Child:

  • Birth Certificate of the applicant.
  • Aadhar card details of the child’s parents.
  • Address proof of the child’s parents.
  • Identity proof of the child’s parents.

How To Apply For Aadhar Card:

Once you know you are eligible for an Aadhar card, you are going to want to apply for one and this is a process that can take a bit of time. The first thing you should know is that Aadhar registrations are completely voluntary right now and even if you don’t get one, you wont be excluded from any privilege that you are eligible for. The second thing is that the issuing of an Aadhar number will depend on you being able to visit the enrollment centers and submitting any and all required documents and bio-metric data required. The actual process of getting the card will go from you applying for an appointment to visiting the center to submit the information, to getting the number, verifying the details and actually getting the Aadhar card. So lets take a look at the registration process to begin with.

Process To Apply Aadhar Card

The very first step in applying for an Aadhar card, assuming that you have all the document you’ll need, will be to book the appointment and then visiting the enrollment center . Here is how you do this:

The first step is to find an enrolment centre near you.
Once you have found the centre, you can book an appointment online .
If you dont want to book an appoints, you can even visit the centre without one but an appointment will save you a lot of time an effort.
On the day of the appointment you need to ensure that you are present well in advance of the time appointed so that there is no possibility of missing it. Once you are at the centre here are the thing you will be expected to do:
The very first thing you will need to do is to fill out the enrolment form. You can fill up the form before you go for the appointment too since it is available online.
Once you have filled up the form, submit it along with the supporting documents.
The supporting documents will include a proof of identity and a proof of address. Here are the
Once the documents are submitted and they are accepted, you will have to submit biometric data too. This will include an impression of your fingerprints and your iris.
They will also take a photograph of you for the records.
Once all the details are collected, you are done for the day but make sure you dont leave without taking the acknowledgement slip of your enrolment. This will have your 14 digit enrolment number on it which will help you keep a check on the status of your application.

What If You Don’t Receive The Aadhar Card OTP?

The mobile number of each individual is an instrumental security aspect, whether it is for Aadhar card details or for online banking. The manner in which the systems are designed require the use of an OTP (One Time Password). An OTP is usually sent to an individuals registered mobile number in a variety of cases. Customers will have to enter the OTP they receive via text message so they can proceed with their transaction. However, there may be cases wherein customers expecting the receipt of an OTP do not receive the same. For instance, when your making alterations to your Aadhaar card information such as age, name, address, etc., or when your downloading a duplicate, you may not receive an OTP owing to some issue or the other. Here we will try and help you understand how to go about fixing the problem in case you haven’t received an OTP.

Reasons Why You May Have Not Received Aadhar card OTP

  • Your mobile number was not registered during your application for Aadhar card.
  • Network problems.
  • Blocked sim.
  • Not enough mobile phone storage to receive new SMS.

Aadhaar enrollment/correction form more details pdf: Click here

How to apply UIDAI Aadhaar Card online –

Process Of Filling Aadhaar Application Form

Hi!!!! Want to apply UIDAI Aadhar card online, Hanging with the process? No worries!!!! This article will explains you everything about applying Aadhaar online. Let’s have look
UIDAI Aadhaar card is very essential for every individual if you were not register yet, then start the registration as soon as possible. Government was providing various facilities for Indian to get Aadhar card in simple way.
Previous people need to wait in the queue for hours and hours to get Aadhaar card, but now you can get rid of that problem by booking appoint before you reach Aadhar center, the facility of booking Aadhar is avail in the UIDAI website.
There many Aadhar centers throughout the India where enrollment is free. You can get Aadhaar application from Aadhar enrollment centers. In case if you want to apply through internet then you need to visit the website of UIDIA.