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Human Resource Strategy

Under the objective of turning ICBC into a global leading bank with the best profitability, performance and prestige and in accordance with the corporate philosophy of focusing on the primary elements of our people, ICBC executes a strategy of “A Bank of Best Talent” to build a workplace for all staff to work and grow with the Bank. Main points about the uniqueness of ICBC human resources management are:

(I) A multi-channel scheme for staff to advance their career. Ensure professional fulfillment and promotion mechanism by offering a supportive and respective workplace with a scheme of 21 job position levels under 5 categories of management, sales, profession, operation and customer services.

(II) Group-wise, market-oriented, diversified system on the management of talented officials. Build a unified and open platform to screen and appoint talented officials on the basis of democratic decision and open competition, and a mechanism to source the best staff from the market to fill in many of the top positions in the Group and facilitates their advancement.


(III) A target-oriented, performance-based mechanism to evaluate the performance of staff. Personal performance contract, targeted evaluation management, evaluation of staff performance as a function of behavior and ability are some of the tools and concepts deployed to build a comprehensive performance evaluation and management process. Employees are encouraged to excel and contribute, and rise in career standing as far as skill and ability would permit.

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(IV) A mechanism for distributing salaries based on job value and performance contribution. Align the staff compensation with business performance by setting up a salary distribution mechanism with job values as the core, referencing their competence and job performance, that is, “Salary based on the position”, “Compensation consistent with the ability”, “Bonus depends on the performance” and “Salary refers to the market standard”.

(V) A staff benefit scheme that combines State statutory benefits and ICBC’s benefits. Set a multi-dimensional, multi-level staff benefit scheme to keep the employees working for ICBC, which includes State statutory benefits supplemented by ICBC’s staff benefits such as corporate annuity, supplementary medical insurance and employee aid program.


Training & Development

Developing talent through education and training is at the very center of ICBC’s corporate management. ICBC highlights education and training. Positioned as a precursory, fundamental and strategic task, training has always been at the top of business transformation and reform agenda of the Bank. In recent years, efforts have been put into education and training with emphasis on the needs of the Bank in relation to strategic transformation and business development to accommodate the new normal of economic growth. Pursuant to the spirit of relevant national talent development policies, the Bank focuses on improving six core systems of the ICBC university, namely, professional competence development, e-learning, overseas staff training, Party member training, professional qualification certification and training resources backup systems. It aims at improving the professional competence of its staff and creating a positive, productive learning environment to raise awareness of the importance of learning among employees, to provide them with learning opportunities and to facilitate the learning of every employee. In 2016, the company offered 51,000 training rounds and trained 5,093,200 people, each of whom was trained for 9.63 days on average. Job skills and overall quality of the staff of the Bank have significantly improved, consolidating the HR foundation for the business transition of the entire Bank.

I. Establishing a standardized, multi-layered staff training and certification system
(I) Implementing the Top Ten Special Talent Training Project and promoting the continuous, systematic, and heightened development of core professional talents for the Group. As part of its endeavor to create an incubator of core professional talents, ICBC headquarters launched the Top Ten Special Talent Training Project in early 2015, drawing on the experience of accredited universities in talent cultivation and management. The project also adopted innovative practices in participant selection, academic structure, training models, participant management and other aspects and achieved fruitful results. Firstly, it created an innovative training model which integrated the academic credit system and the “face-to-face training + online training+ practice” model and formed a system that covered all main business areas and provided unified standards for curriculum, teacher qualification, training materials, case study materials, courseware, examinations, graduation criteria, recommendation and other aspects. Secondly, it optimized project management, established a multi-disciplinary, inter-departmental, inter-institution coordination mechanism, and strengthened the integration of resources, ensuring the project was a joint effort by all departments and institutions. Thirdly, the project attached great importance to quality control, strictly managed requirement plans, project proposals, curriculum, teachers, teaching materials, case study materials, selection, examination and other relevant matters and achieved full process control from different project phases to assessment and to feedback. Fourthly, it aligned training programs with corporate needs for talents, strictly implemented examination and assessment policies, gave certificates to qualified students, offered recommendations on how to use outstanding students and achieved effective convergence between personnel training and use. Since 2015, the Bank has launched 90 projects covering ten fields including management, Internet banking, asset management and financial markets, and trained about 25,000 professional talents. It successfully changed the emphasis of its talent development efforts from job adaptation to professional competence.

(II) Improving the professional qualification certification system and the ability of employees to meet the requirements of their jobs. Focusing on improving employees’ professional qualifications and putting the right people in the right jobs, the Bank effectively links professional qualification certification to the actual job requirements of employees and provides a basis for appointment, post adjustment, compensation determination, business authorization etc. of its employees through a continuous effort to improve professional qualification certification standards and content, setting of job categories, connection between different applications, management mechanism, etc. Currently, ICBC has gradually established, on the basis of the existing job classification system of the Bank, a professional qualification management system that covers 19 job categories, including specialized jobs, sale jobs, operational jobs, customer service jobs, heads of outlets of the Bank under the management category and credit-related jobs. The professional qualification management system, covering standardized processes for standard design, training and examinations, qualification certification, records management and continuing education, is clearly defined along both longitudinal and transverse directions. Furthermore, employees can freely choose to participate in professional qualification training programs and examinations for jobs in different sequences and at different levels, and achieve career development goals through channels offered by the Bank. In recent years, the headquarters of ICBC has been implementing strict examination rules and further strengthened the links between professional qualifications and appointment, business authorization, career development and other matters. The importance and authority of professional qualification certification has further increased.

Success Stories

Our global business network has come into shape after over 20 years of development, accentuating the value of international operations. Compared with more network access and simple extension of business lines, future development would focus on further business strength and value contribution, which requires overseas operations to assume greater responsibility and make greater contributions to build ICBC into a globally competitive and world-leading multinational financial group.
Tao Nenghong, Deputy General Manager of International Banking Department of ICBC Head Office (ICBC’s Outstanding Youth, presides over five key studies on annual reform and development by ICBC Head Office, awarded the first prize once, second prize twice and third prize twice)

To better melt with ICBC, I work closely with my colleagues in day-to-day work, and endeavor to create an atmosphere where each member of the team feels comfortable and works efficiently. More importantly, I understand that we work in a bank with worldwide recognition, which pushed me to work hard to serve customers in Moscow based on ICBC’s service standards and reputation.
Celine Anna Vasilyevna, Deputy Chief Accountant of ICBC (Moscow) (ICBC Top Ten Outstanding Youths)

In fact, I never have any special requirements or goals in mind; I just try to be caring and observant in my work, eager to learn and good at thinking. Whether in competition or business, I always spare no efforts with little regard to the final results. As long as I do my best, all achievements come as unexpected surprises.
Zhang Xiaoqin, Public Account Manager of ICBC Henan Anyang Shuiye Sub-branch. (won the National Labor’s Day Medal of Finance, ICBC Outstanding Young Worker and ICBC Outstanding Youth)

I believe that life is all about taking the next step. Do not be over-ambitious or follow the crowd. Always know the next step regardless of our position, and be prepared. Better set our goals and strive for them. Only in this way can we perform better in our career.
Mao Huanhuan, Head of ICBC Ningbo Jiangdong Changqingteng Sub-branch (National Financial Youth Service Model , ICBC Outstanding Youth and ICBC Outstanding Young Worker)

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With a strong assertion to be “A Bank of Best Talents, A Bank of Strong Talents” for meeting the long-term goal of strategic transformation and business development, ICBC believes in excellent corporate culture and demonstrates top values. To achieve this, ICBC sets up a unified, scientific, highly efficient staff recruitment system and builds the brand and image of ICBC as the best employer.We create a harmonious workplace where all staff are working as a team to the Bank’s “enterprising spirit”. We respect our staff, their skills and professional knowledge. We let our staff certify their fitness in the position, each on his/her measure of capacity and realize maximum potential. We encourage our staff to think “out of the box”, respect their contribution. We provide the best development opportunities for staff to create the maximum value for ICBC. ICBC is an “employee-centric” bank. We have a clear path which provides our staff with more opportunities to put their skills in the job. We let our staff to enjoy the rich benefit as a result of ICBC’s stellar performance, the joy of growing together with ICBC.

On the basis of democratic decision and open competition, we look for the best talent with the best knowledge and moral integrity, preferably the latter. ICBC provides wide career path and complete training to nurture staff with talent into future business leaders, under the common vision and strong corporate culture to bring us together. We look for the best talents who are:

●Trustful, devoted to work
●Strict, work according to law
●Innovative, pursue excellence
●Cultural identity, emphasis on collaboration

Spread Your Wings! ICBC is expecting you, together with us to build a world-class modern financial firm. Please look for our new positions in ICBC website and welcome you to join ICBC!


Industrial and Commercial Bank of China was established on 1 January 1984. On 28 October 2005, the Bank was wholly restructured to a joint-stock limited company. On 27 October 2006, the Bank was successfully listed on both Shanghai Stock Exchange and Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. Through continuous endeavor and stable development, the Bank has developed into one of the top large listed banks in the world, possessing an excellent customer base, a diversified business structure, strong innovation capabilities and market competitiveness and providing comprehensive financial products and services to 5,784 thousand corporate customers and 530 million personal customers. With serving the real economy as the foothold of operation and management, the Bank has adhered to new ideas, new finance and new services to support the supply-side structural reform and economic transformation and upgrading and to achieve its own healthy and sustainable development. The Bank has further promoted reform and innovation as well as business transformation and developed retail finance, asset management, financial market and other businesses into important engines of profit growth. The pattern of internationalized and diversified operation was further improved, covering 42 countries and territories, and contributed more to the Bank’s profit-making. For the fourth consecutive year in 2016, the Bank ranked 1st place in the three authoritative lists of The Banker’s Top 1000 World Banks, the Forbes Global 2000 and the Fortune Global 500 Sub-list of Commercial Banks.

Financial Highlights
By the end of 2016, the total assets of the Bank was RMB 24,137,265 million, RMB 1,927,485 million or 8.7% higher than that at the end of last year. Total liabilities reached RMB 22,156,102 million, RMB 1,746,841 million or 8.6% higher than that at the end of last year. The whole year witnessed RMB 279.1 billion of net profits, increasing by 0.5%, 1.2% of average ROA, 15.24% of weighted return on net assets, 12.87% of core tier-1 CAR ratio, 13.42% of tier-1 CAR ratio, and 14.61% of capital adequacy ratio. Operating income amounted to RMB 675,891 million, a decrease of 3.1%. Specifically, net interest income was RMB 471,846 million, decreasing by 7.1%; non-interest income was RMB 204,045 million, growing by 7.5%; operating expenditure was RMB 315,576 million, decreasing by 6.7%, including RMB 175,156 million of business and management fee, decreasing by 1.5%; and the cost-income ratio was 25.91%.