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General Information

Industrial Liaison Cell (ILC) NIFFT Ranchi:
We herald the new millennium in an era of unforeseen challenges to the Indian manufacturing industries. As we gear up to compete with the best in the world, acquisition of knowledge and of foundry and forge industries will go a long way in helping the Indian industries in keeping pace with the evolutionary changes, predicted in the near future, With the advent of automation and computer numerically controlled machines in the manufacturing and metallurgy sector, NIFFT too broadened its initial objectives. The B. Tech program was strongly recommended by the British experts and our innovative pedagogy makes the more sought after in the industries. We have been bringing continual changes in the course structure of the Advanced Diploma Course & M. Tech program to make them equally demandable. I am confident that these programmes will continue to groom better engineers and specialist who will delineate the future. We cordially invite you for the campus recruitment in our college. Your visit will provide a pertinent opportunity to us for mutual sharing of valuable experiences.

Placement Cell:
The placement activities are managed by the Industrial Liaison Cell. The ILC is headed by a senior faculty member. The Cell works in close coordination with a student placement committee. The student placement body consists of two member chosen from each department of B.Tech. Course, two from M.Tech. and two from ADC. The placement committee corresponds with the prospective recruiters, arranges Pre-placement talks and provides all the facilities required by the visiting companies. The placement policies and other related activities are handled by Chairman in consultation with the other faculty members of the committee, Student Representatives. The companies are encouraged to contact ILC for initial discussions and for confirming all schedules and all official communication.


Placement Procedure:
·The Institute invites selected companies to the campus for placements.
·Companies express their interest in visiting the campus for placement.
·The company conducts pre-placement presentation and discussions with the students on campus, broadly covering the company profile, the career growth path, the selection procedure and the emoluments offered.
·The date for final recruitment is scheduled based on mutual understanding between the Institute and the recruiting company.

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Facilities for Recruiters:
Fully equipped Hall to conduct Pre- Placement Talks.
Well-furnished air-conditioned rooms for interviews and Group discussion.
Fully computerized office.
Video and Tele conferencing facility in special cases on request.
On Campus free accommodation in Institute Guest House (NIFFT NIWAS) for the recruiting panel, if intimated prior to visit.
Access to all students’ profile.
Free pick up services from Ranchi Airport, Ranchi Railway station.
Round the clock assistance by the students volunteers at each level of placement process.

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The Institute:

Industrial development play an important role in the  development of the country. To Provide  the requisite quality & quantity of trained man power at different level, Govt. of India set up the National Institute of Foundry and Forge Technology (NIFFT) in the year 1966 in collaboration with UNDP-USESCO. NIFFT is registered as Society under the Societies Registration Act of 1860. The management of the Institute is vested with Board of Governors with Chairman at its apex and members representing Govt. of India (Ministry of HRD & industry), AICTE, Private and Public enterprises, technical and R & D organizations. During the last four decades NIFFT has earned a reputation as a leading institute for teaching, training, research & development, Consultancy and documentation and information retrieval services in metal casting and metal forming technology. With the globalization of the market, competitiveness in industries has increased tremendously. The VISION Statement of the Institute is: Accomplishing excellence in the technical education and act as repository and leader for disseminating state-of-the art knowledge and expertise in the field .

  • To strengthen academic programmes with introduction of new courses in emerging areas at the Advanced Diploma, Graduate and Postgraduate levels.
  • To create center of excellence and to encourage advanced studies to promote academic research.
  • To promote international & National collaborations and joint venture in research & academic programmes.
  • To augment institute-industry interactions and to offer consultancy / training /refresher courses / unit based programmes and library information services to industry.
  • To carry out industrial research, design and development work in the areas of materials technology


The Institute is situated on the southern periphery of Ranchi on the Ranchi – Chaibasa highway about 10 Kms. from Ranchi Railway station and about 6 kms. from Ranchi Airport. Ranchi is located at little over 600 meter height above means sea level, and has a very moderate and pleasant climate through out the year.


NIFFT has five main teaching departments Foundry Technology, Forge Technology, Manufacturing Engineering, Materials and Metallurgical  Engineering and Department of Applied Science and Humanities (DASH). The institute is equipped with various laboratories such as Rapid proto type Lab. CAD-CAM, Ceramic Lab, Internet Laboratory, Sand laboratory, Metallography , FMS, Non-destructive and mechanical Testing, Spectroscopy, Environmental and Pollution Control Lab, Metrology, Electronics, SEM, Forging Laboratory, Computer Centre etc. Networking Facility available for all students & Faculty members and at the offices. The work shops and laboratories are adequately equipped with modern and sophisticated

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: In consonance with the general guidelines of UNESCO (1962) regarding establishment of specialized institutes, National Institute of Foundry and Forge Technology (NIFFT) was created in 1966 under the UNDP program to cater to the need of a large number of technicians. The particular emphasis was on Foundry and Forge technology to meet the demand of trained manpower in the primary metal manufacturing sectors like automobile, heavy engineering, machine and component manufacturing etc. Two carefully designed advanced diploma courses, namely Foundry and Forge technology were offered.
In view to push forward the knowledge boundary, four M Tech programs were introduced in the core areas of Foundry and Forge technology. Subsequently, two B Tech programs, one in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering and other in Manufacturing Engineering, were introduced to reinforce the core framework of foundry and forging technology with the knowledge of materials and manufacturing to cater the emerging need of the industries.

The forward looking endeavor, pursued over the years, has evolved a four tier academic framework in NIFFT involving advanced diploma, B Tech, M Tech and doctoral program with a balanced emphasis on training, education and research. The partitioning among the subject domains has been consciously avoided with the objective of sharing facilities and expertise in pursuing near-net-shape component technology as a unique knowledge domain. Such ambiance of training and education has attracted the interest of the potential employers and augmented the employability of students at all the levels. Currently, a large segment of the alumni community of NIFFT is holding the positions of leadership in different industries. They are also serving in various research organization and academic institutions of the country.
In the present scenario, Foundry and Forge sector, owing to their consistent leadership in the global market over the years, fit best in the ‘Make in India’ endeavor. Both the sectors provide the large employment and are rapidly embracing the acquired potential in materials engineering and computer based modeling, simulation and design.
The call for creation of independent capability in Foundry and Forge technology, with highest standard has triggered the process of upgrade of NIFFT to the Centre of Excellence by incorporating the important attributes of autonomy. In the new paradigm, the institute is poised to evolve the complete pathway of component manufacturing technology with judicious synergy of computational science and manufacturing technology encompassing design of materials and process; net shape casting and forming; testing and characterization of materials and components; component integrity assessment; component reengineering and recycling.
At the eve of its Golden Jubilee year, NIFFT reaffirms its commitment to the nation.