The A.P. Mahesh Co-op Urban Bank Ltd Corporate Loans

Gold Loan

A) Mahesh Smart Gold Loan (MSGL)

  • Duration of the Scheme – 6 Months (Bullet Repayment).
  • Maximum Amount  – Rs. 2.00 Lacs per borrower in single or multiple loans.
  • Rate per gram – as per the valuation method stated below
  • Rate of Interest – Contact your nearest branch.

B) Mahesh Gold Loan Scheme (MGL)

  • Duration of the Scheme – 6 Months with EQI.
  • Interest Charged Monthly.
  • Rate per gram – as per the valuation method stated below
  • No. of EQI (including interest) – 2
  • Rate of Interest – Contact your nearest branch.
  • Maximum Sealing of Rs. 50 Lacs per individual.

C)  Gold Loan (GL)

  • Duration of the Scheme – 12 Months (bullet repayment)
  • Interest Charged monthly and will become due with principle only
  • Rate of Interest – Contact your nearest branch.
  • Rate per Gram – As per the valuation method stated below.
  • Maximum Amount Rs. 2.00 Lacs per borrower in single or multiple loans.

D)  Gold Overdraft (GOD)

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  • Duration of the Scheme – 12 Months
  • Rate per gram – As per the valuation method stated below.
  • Rate of Interest – Contact your nearest branch
  • Minimum – Rs. 1.00 Lacs, Maximum – Rs. 50.00 Lacs

E) Gold Valution Method

  • Gold Offered as security will have to be valued on last 30 days average price of 22 Carat Gold.
  • Loan to Value Ratio (LTV) should not exceed 75% of the value of the Gold Jewellery pledged.
  • The value of the Gold / Jewelry pledged is calculated based on the average value of 22 Caret Gold for the last 30 days.

Housing Loans


  • For Purchase / Construction OR Repairs / Renovations of House / Flat.
  • For Purchase of Open plot for House Construction.


  • All individuals are eligible including women borrowers.
  • In case of women borrowers she should be the sole applicant

Property should be in the sole name of the women borrower. Women Applicant should have regular income either by way of salary / business / professional income / other income (Rents etc …) and should be an IT Assese.

  • 25% of sale consideration / prevailing cost of construction per SFT / Cost of construction as per Engineer’s Estimate.
  • 50% of estimated cost of repairs / renovation.

Rate Of Interest:

  • Different Rate for loans upto Rs. 25.00 Lacs and Above Rs. 25.00 Lacs.

(No rebate for prompt repayment of EMIs for the loans sanctioned on/after 1.12.2015)
Maximum Loan Amount:

  • Rs. 70.00 Lacs for construction and purchase
  • Rs. 2.00 Lacs for repairs and renovation in Rural and Semi-Urban Areas and Rs. 5.00 Lacs in Urban and Metro Areas.

Repayment Period:

  • Maximum 180 Months including moratorium period if any.

Industrial Finance


  • Production and Service Development


  • Manufacturer and Persons engaged in service industries ( Ex. Hospitals)


  • For Machinery and Equipments – 25 % ( Depending upon the nature of equipment/ Machinery)
  • For Electrical Equipment – 25% to 50%
  • For Factory Shed and Building – 25% to 50%

Rate Of Interest:

  • Different rates upto Rs. 10.00 Lacs and above Rs. 10.00 Lacs


  • In case of Term Loan :
  • 120 Months including moratorium.

Vehicle Loans

VEHICLE LOANS – 2/3/4 Wheelers ( Second Hand Vehicles only 4 wheelers) including against corporate Guarantee :

  • SRWTO (Single Road Water Transport Operators) are eligible against corporate guarantee
  • Individuals / Firms / Companies are also eligible for Vehicle Loans.


  • Hypothecation of Vehicle
  • Corporate Guarantee wherever applicable.
  • Personal Guarantee of one Person.


  • 2/3 wheelers maximum 36 months.
  • Others 60 months


  • 2 Wheelers – 30%
  • 3 Wheelers – 10-30 % against corporate guarantee
  • 3 Wheelers – For others 30%
  • 4 Wheelers – 25%

( All the above margins are on Ex-Showroom Price )

  • 4 Wheelers (Second Hand Vehicles) – 30% to 50% of Vehicle Value as certified by approved vehicle valuers.

Caution Deposit:

  • One month’s Instalment
Educational Loans ( Non Priority)

Quantum of Loan : For studies in India – Rs. 20.00 Lacs, For Studies Abroad – Rs. 50.00 Lacs

Security: Mortagage of Immovable properties acceptable to the Bank, with value covering 150% of the Loan Amount OR Pledge of our Bank Deposits, Value equivalent to loan amount i.e., 100% coverage.

Rate of Interest : Above Rs. 5.00 Lacs to Rs. 50 Lacs – 13.50%

Repayment : Maximum 10 to 15 years in EMI.

Other Loan Facilities
  • Consortium Finance
  • Issue of Bank Guarantees
  • Personal Loans
  • Group Loans
  • Bills discounting against LCs
  • are also extended to our Customers.

Loan Interest Rates

Interest Rates on Loans & Advances


CategoryRate of Interest* p.a.
Educational LoansUpto Rs. 5.00 lacs
Above Rs. 5.00 lacs


Gold Loans6 Months scheme (MGL) with Quarterly Installments
6/12 months (Bullet payment) (Max Rs. 2.00 lakh)(JL)
Gold Overdraft (Minimum Rs. 1.00 Lakh)(GOD)


KCC against Warehouse Receipts13.50% to 15.50% (as per credit rating)
Against RBI Relief Bonds12.50%
Against NSC’S , KVPs12.50%
Advances against Rent Receivables12.50% to 15.50%(as per credit rating)
Housing Loans:
a. upto Rs.25 lacsc. Above Rs.25 lacs
11.00% to 14%

12% to 15%

Mahesh Easy Loan for Professionals14.50% to 19%(as per Credit rating)
Advances against Shares12.50%
Vehicle Loans

  • Against Corporate Guarantee
  • For borrowers enjoying credit limits with our bank with good track record
  • Others

13% to 15.50%(as per credit rating)


Mortgage Loans / Overdraft against immovable properties 
for Business Development upto Rs.10 lacs (secured)

Upto Rs.5 lacs(Unsecured including to Professionals)

Above Rs.10 lacs(secured)


14.50% to 18.00%(as per credit rating)

15.00% to 19.00%(as per credit rating)

13.00% to 17.00%(as per credit rating)

Mortgage loans/advances other than Business Development13.50% to 18.00%(as per credit rating)

* Conditions apply
Loan Schemes
Mahesh Bank offers various credit facilities suiting the needs of the customers under different schemes.

  • Gold Loans
  • Mahesh Shiksha Loan (for education in India/Abroad)
  • Vehicle Loans
  • Consumer Loans
  • Mahesh Bank’s NSC / KVP Loans/OD Facility
  • Housing Loans
  • Loans for Business
  • Industrial Finance
  • Mahesh Easy Loan for Professionals
  • GOD – Gold Overdraft
  • CAP – Credit Against Property
  • Loans & Advances Against Shares
  • Other Loan Facilities

History of the Bank


A.P. Mahesh Co-operative Urban Bank Limited is India’s premier Urban Co-operative Banking Institution. The Bank has attained this premier position without compromising the spirit of co-operative principles, while at the same time striving to assimilate and implement newer methods of work organisation and management, with a firm commitment to its objectives.


A P Mahesh Co-operative Urban Bank Ltd. (popularly known as Mahesh Bank) was registered as a Primary Co-operative Society on 30th June, 1977. The Bank has commenced its operations on 9th August, 1978.

The Bank was accorded SCHEDULED STATUS by Reserve Bank of India from 26th October, 1996 – the first Co-operative Bank to be accorded this status in the entire South India. Dr C. Rangarajan, the then Governor, Reserve Bank of India graced the occasion. The Bank has been registered as a Multi-State Co-operative Bank under the Multi-State Co-operative Societies Act, 1984 with effect from 30.05.2001 – again the first Co-operative Bank to achieve this coveted position in South India.


Mahesh Bank presently has 43 branches – 34 in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad and one each at Khammam, Warangal in Telangana State, Vijayawada, Guntur, Rajahmundry, Visakhapatnam, in Andhra Pradesh State, Jaipur & Bhilwara in Rajasthan and Mumbai in Maharashtra State.

Reserve Bank of India acceded to the request of the Bank to open 2 more branches in the State of Telangana.


A.P.Mahesh Co-op.Urban Bank Ltd. Hyderabad has been bagged Award for “BEST YOUTH CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT” by the Banking Frontiers, (India’s first publication of its kind on Banking Technology and Business issues) at a function held at Pride Plaza Hotel, New Delhi on Sunday the 18th September, 2016 titled Frontiers in Cooperative Banking Awards (FCBA).


Mahesh Bank is the first Co-operative Urban Bank in the States of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh:

  • to offer Core Banking Solutions(CBS), Bancassurance, Mutual Funds, Direct RTGS/NEFT, e-Seva, RuPay ATM-cum-Debit Card facilities.
  • to offer IMPS – Merchant Payment Service – for online payment of Electricity, Telephone Bills and booking flight, bus and hotel bookings.


The Bank has been granted license to undertake money transfer business and specified non trade current account transactions by the RBI as Authorised Dealer Category-II.Mahesh Bank is the first Co-operative Urban Bank to get thi licence in the States of Telangana & Andhra Pradesh.


The Capital to Risk Weighted Assets Ratio (CRAR) of the bank stood at 19%% as on 31-3-2017 as against a minimum stipulation of 9% prescribed by RBI.


“To make brand “MAHESH BANK” synonymous to trust and reliability, to be a leader amongst the Multi State Scheduled Co-operative Banks in the whole of South India, to render excellence and personalized services and to contribute to Co-operative movement, making credit available to the customers, more particularly to Individuals, SMEs, thereby contributing to their growth and striving to maintain Net NPAs at 0% level” throughout.


By the year 2020, Mahesh Bank aims to achieve ambitious Business target of Rs. 10,000 crores, Profit of Rs. 100 crores, Low cost deposit ratio of 30%, CD ratio of 70%, Gross NPAs to be maintained below 3%, Net NPAs at ‘0%’ and 100 Branch and ATM network.


Mahesh Bank has set to scale new heights. By the financial year end 31.03.2018, the Bank’s ambition is to achieve Rs.3800 crore business & net NPAs continue to be maintained at “0%” level.


Every effort is being made to achieve the mission – 2020 & to introduce e-KYC, Bharat Bill Payment System, Tablet/Agent Banking & Unified Payments Interface(UPI) system.