Immediate Contract To Hiring Opening For Pcc With Top Leading Mnc's In Kolar Jobs in Asap Info Systems Private Limited in Kolar

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Immediate Contract To Hiring Opening For Pcc With Top Leading Mnc's In Kolar


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Dear Candidate,
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Greetings from ASAP….!!!

ASAP Info Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a 15 year old staffing company. ASAP offers specialized manpower services to the leading CMM Level 5 companies in India. ASAP focuses on helping the customer in meeting very critical EAS resource requirement and offers a unique business opportunity to the partner / customers to save cost and hassle of getting into the complexity of sourcing and training. ASAP is focused to offer the ready to use resources in most of the critical EAS areas like SAP, Seibel, PeopleSoft, Oracle Applications, Business Intelligence, and MS Dynamics.

JD for PCC

Sr. No`PCC – JD
1• PCC will be expected to help patients and attendants. They need to guide patients in the right direction.
2• PCC need to thoroughly understand the main OPD workflow so that they can effectively and correctly guide the patients.
3• Direct the Patients from main entry to the Registration Centre.
4• Inform the patient/ attendant that only attendant can accompany the patient in the OPD.
5• Direct patient to the correct pavilion in the PRC
6o Patient without UHID should be redirected to the UHID Pavilion in the PRC
7o Patients with a prior appointment for the current day should be redirected to the Fast Track Pavilion
8o Patients having UHID but not having a prior appointment should be guided to the Current booking Pavilion.
9o EHS employees need to be directed to the EHS OPD counter operating in different OPD
10• Encourage the patients to go for UHID registration if appointment slots of that specific OPD are not available, provide information about the process and its benefits.
11• At Pavilion send the patients to the appropriate counters/ queue. The next batch of patients should be advised to await their turn in the seating area provided in the pavilion.
12• At every Entry and Exit point in each Pavilion, the PCC need to guide the patient and help him in the next step/ process.
13• Inside the main waiting areas the PCC need to check if patients/ attendants need any help.
14• PCC need to ensure that patients in the waiting area are made to sit in an orderly manner at demarcated seats for the respective OPD according to Department Sequence Number and then after getting a request from specific OPD PCM through the walkie-talkie PCC will send them to that specific OPD Seating Area in specific batch requested for and will also be giving preference to Fast Track Patients over the Current Booking Patients.
15• Inside the OPD PCC will guide the patients to the correct department/ department seating area.
16• In the OPD entry, the PCC need to verify the appointment of the patients
17• They need to guide the patients from the main waiting area to the respective departments.
18• PCC stationed at the entry and exit scanner need to scan the appointment barcode on OPD card and ensure only valid patient having appointment on that particular day have access to OPD.
19• The Patient Care Coordinator (PCC) manning the OPD room seating area will ask the patient to be seated near the OPD consultation room as per Room Sequencing. The PCC will then keep sending the patients to the doctor’s rooms in orderly fashion based on the Sequence.
20• PCC will communicate with each other when required through walkie- talkie.
21• After consultation, if any post consultation procedure is required, then the PCC will redirect the patient to the single window exit counter. This will be a one stop exit counter for all post consultation needs like lab appointments, procedures, follow up appointments, billing etc.
22• If no post consultation procedure is required then the PCC need to guide the patients to the exit. The PCC need to help patients in exit scan once the patient/attendant is done with all his consultation.

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