Punjabi University Result 2019 – Check B.Tech, B.C.A, M.A & M.Sc – I, II & IV Sem Results

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Punjabi University Result 2019 – Check out Punjabi University Result New here for B.Tech, B.C.A, M.A & M.Sc, and Other Courses. Students can get Punjabi University Results 2019 with a direct link. And now, PBI UNI has declared the Punjabi University Result 2019 for various Courses under Punjabi University Left.

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Recently the University has published the results of Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Add On Courses II Sem and other Courses results are available here. Students who have been appeared for that examination can check their results from the official website of the University i.e, punjabiuniversity.ac.in. Also, we have provided a direct link to the Students to download/ verify the Punjabi Uni Results from the below table. It will help the students to get the results without any confusion. We advise the Students to regularly check the Official website of the University to get the latest updates regarding the Examination results.

Punjabi University Result 2019   Check B.Tech, B.C.A, M.A & M.Sc   I, II & IV Sem Results

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Punjabi UNI Result 2019 | Punjabi University Result 2019

The Punjabi University released the much-awaited Www Punjabi University Results Ac In online. So, check out the पंजाबी यूनिवर्सिटी रिजल्ट्स २०१९ for Under Graduate and Post Graduate Regular, Supplementary and Revaluation results. Furthermore, Students can get the Punjabi University Semester Wise Exam Result from this page. So, verify the entire article to download the Punjabi University Result in B.A. M.A and so on results. Here, we have provided direct links to find your results through individual links on this page. Furthermore, download the results for Arts, Science, Engineering, Medical, Management Courses simply by following the steps provided below. In fact, you can get the results for the other Universities on our official site.

Latest Punjabi University Exam Result 2019

Name of the ExamDownload Link
Punjabi University Result 2019   Check B.Tech, B.C.A, M.A & M.Sc   I, II & IV Sem ResultsB.A. Part-III (Annual)Click Here 
Punjabi University Result 2019   Check B.Tech, B.C.A, M.A & M.Sc   I, II & IV Sem ResultsM.A. Punjabi Sem-IIClick Here 
Punjabi University Result 2019   Check B.Tech, B.C.A, M.A & M.Sc   I, II & IV Sem ResultsM.A. Women Studies Sem-IIClick Here 
Punjabi University Result 2019   Check B.Tech, B.C.A, M.A & M.Sc   I, II & IV Sem ResultsB.C.A. Sem-IV (Re-appear)Click Here 
Punjabi University Result 2019   Check B.Tech, B.C.A, M.A & M.Sc   I, II & IV Sem ResultsB.Sc. (Biotechnology) Part-I (Sem-II)Click Here
Punjabi University Result 2019   Check B.Tech, B.C.A, M.A & M.Sc   I, II & IV Sem ResultsB.Sc (Fashion Tech.) Sem-IIClick Here 
Punjabi University Result 2019   Check B.Tech, B.C.A, M.A & M.Sc   I, II & IV Sem ResultsB.Sc Honors (Chemistry) Semester-IIClick Here 
Punjabi University Result 2019   Check B.Tech, B.C.A, M.A & M.Sc   I, II & IV Sem ResultsM.B.A. Financial Management Sem-IIClick Here
 B.Tech.(C.S.E./E.C.E./M.E./CIVIL Engg.) Sem-I (Preponement)Click Here
 B.Tech.(C.S.E./E.C.E./M.E./CIVIL Engg.) Sem-I (Preponement)Click Here
M.Sc. Agriculture (Agronomy) Sem-IVClick Here
M.A. Punjabi Sem-II (CC & Private) (Re-appear)Click Here
M.A. Punjabi Sem-II (CC & Private) (Re-appear) OLD SYClick Here
B.C.A. Sem-IV (Regular)Click Here
M.A. Dance Sem-IIClick Here
B.A. Sem-II (Regular)Click Here
B.Tech. (C.S.E/E.C.E/M.E/Civil) Sem-II (Preponement)Click Here 
M.A. Sociology ImprovementClick Here 
M.Sc. Applied Mathematics & Computing Sem-IIClick Here
Bachelor of Tourism & Travel Management Sem-IIClick Here 
B.Sc. Home Science Sem-IIClick Here 
B.Sc. (Human Development) Sem-IIClick Here 
M.Sc. Mathematics Sem-IIClick Here 
Advanced Diploma in FrenchClick Here 
Bachelor of Accounting & Finance Sem-IIClick Here 
M.A. Women Studies Sem-II (Distance Education)Click Here 
B.F.Sc. (Fisheries Science) Sem-IVClick Here 
B.Sc (Fashion Tech.) Part-II (Sem-IV)Click Here 
B.Sc (Honors) Physics Sem-IVClick Here 
B.Sc (Honors) Physics Sem-IIClick Here 
Bachelor of Accounting & Finance (Sem-IV)Click Here 
Post Graduate Diploma in Diaspora Studies Sem-IIClick Here 
Post Graduate Diploma in Women and Child Development Sem-IIClick Here 
Advanced Diploma in Acting & DirectionClick Here 
M.Tech. (C.E, E.C.E., M.E.) Sem – IV ( Regular)Click Here
Certificate Course in Computer Applications (Six Months)Click Here 
Diploma in Library Science (One Year)Click Here 
Diploma in Persian Sem-IIClick Here 
M.A. Hindi Sem-II (D.E , Pvt. & Re-appear)Click Here 
B.Tech (C.S.E.) Sem-IVClick Here 
B.Com. Honors (Sem-IV)Click Here 
M.A. Political Science Sem-II (CC , Private Candidates & Re-appear)Click Here
B.Sc. Agriculture (Four Year Course) Sem-VIClick Here 
B.Sc. Agriculture (Four Year Course) Sem-VI (old Syl.)Click Here 
B.A. (Semester – III) ImprovementClick Here
Master of Statistics Sem-IIClick Here 
B.P.E. Part – I Sem – II (Three Year Course )Click Here 
B.Sc. (Medical/Non Medical) Part – I (Semester – II )Click Here 
Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication (B.J.M.C.) Sem-IVClick Here 
M.P.T. PART – II (SEMESTER -IV)Click Here 
Post Graduate Diploma in Translation (HINDI) One YearClick Here
M.A. English Sem-IIClick Here
B.A. Honors in J.M.C. (H.J.M.C.) Sem-IVClick Here 
M.A. Gurmat Sangeet Sem – IV (Online Course)Click Here 
M.A. Gurmat Sangeet-Gayan Sem-II (online Course)Click Here
Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication (B.J.M.C.) Sem-IIClick Here
B.Tech. (C.S.E) Sem -VIClick Here
B.B.A. Sem-II (Regular & Re-appear)Click Here
P.G.D.C.A. (Annual)Click Here
Diploma in (C.E./E.C.E./M.E.) Sem-IIClick Here
M.A. Tabla Sem-II (Online Course)Click Here
M.A. Tabla Sem-IV (Online Course)Click Here
B.P.Ed. PART – I (SEMESTER – II) Four Year Course (Regular & Re-appear)Click Here
M.Sc Sports Coaching Sem-IVClick Here
B.A. Honors School Course in TV & Film Production Sem-I (Re-appear)Click Here
B.P.T. Sem-IVClick Here
M.A. Economics Sem-II (D.E., Private & Reappear Candidates)Click Here
B.Voc. Software Development Sem-IVClick Here
P.G.D.C.A. (Annual)Click Here
Diploma in Computer Engineering Sem-IVClick Here 
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Sem-IVClick Here 
M.A. Sanskrit Sem-II (Private Candidates)Click Here 
L.L.B. Sem-IV (Non-Grading)Click Here 
L.L.B. Sem-IVClick Here 
M.Sc. Physics Sem-IIClick Here
B.P.T. Sem-IIClick Here
M.Tech. CSE Sem-IVClick Here 
B.P.E. (Semester-IV) Three Year Course (Re-appear)Click Here
B.P.E. (Semester-IV) Three Year CourseClick Here
B.Tech. (Civil Engg.) Sem-VIClick Here 
B.Sc. Biotechnology Sem – IVClick Here 
B.P.Ed (Semester – IV) Four YearClick Here 
M.B.A. Sem-I (C.C.) PreponementClick Here
M.A (Public Administration) Semester – IIClick Here 
M.A Public Administration (Private & CC.) Sem-IIClick Here 
B.Ed. Sem-IV (CC)Click Here 
B.Com. Professional Sem-II Re-appearClick Here 
M.Com. Sem-IVClick Here 
M.Sc. Microbiology Sem-IVClick Here 
M.A. Political Science Sem-IIClick Here 
M.C.A. Sem-II (Re-appear)Click Here 
M.C.A. Sem-II (Regular)Click Here
M.Sc. Nano-Science & Technology Sem-IVClick Here 
M.Sc. Applied Physics Sem-IIClick Here 
M.Sc. I.T. Part-II (ANNUAL) (Re-appear)Click Here
M.Sc. I.T. Part-II (ANNUAL)Click Here 
M.A. Religious Studies Sem-II (DE, Private & Re-appear)Click Here
B.Voc. (Hospitality &Tourism) Sem-IIClick Here 
.Voc. Retail Management Sem-IIClick Here 
B.Sc. Medical/Non-Medical Sem-IVClick Here
B.A. Sem-III (Preponement)Click Here
M.A. Hindi Sem-IV (Distance Education, Private & Re-appear)Click Here
B.B.A. Sem-IV (Regular & Re-appear)Click Here
M.Lib. (Annual)Click Here
M.A. Hindi Sem-IIClick Here
B.Ed. Sem-II (M.R.)Click Here
Diploma in C.E Sem-VIClick Here
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Sem-VIClick Here
B.Ed. Special Education (M.R.) Sem-IVClick Here
Add On Courses Sem-IIClick Here
B.Voc. Software Development Sem-IIClick Here
B.Voc (Graphic and Animation) Semester-IIClick Here
B.A. Professional Sem-III Re-appearClick Here
M.Ed. Sem-IIClick Here
M.A. Persian Sem-II (Private)Click Here
B.A.L.L.B. Sem-IV (Regular & Re-appear)Click Here
M.Sc. Chemistry Sem – II (Non-Grading) SPLClick Here 
M.Sc. Mathematics Sem-II (Non-Grading) Special ExamClick Here 
P.G.D.C.A. Sem-II (Re-appear) GradingClick Here 
Diploma in Divinity (One Year)Click Here
M.A. Music Vocal Sem – IIClick Here
M.A. Sanskrit Sem-IIClick Here
M.A. English (Sem-IV) C.C. & Private Re-appearClick Here
B.Tech (Civil Engineering) Part – II (Semester – IV)Click Here
M.Sc. Forensic Science Sem-IIClick Here
M.Lib. Sem-II (Regular & Re-appear)Click Here
.A. Religious Studies Sem-IIClick Here
B.P.E. (Deficient) (Annual)Click Here
M.P.Ed. Sem-I (Preponement)Click Here
M.B.A. Sem-II (Regular)Click Here
M.Pharmacy Sem-I (Re-appear)Click Here
B.A. Part-II (Annual)Click Here
B.Com. Sem-IVClick Here
BA L.L.B. PART – I (Regular & Re-appear)Semester – IIClick Here
Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Sem-IIClick Here
M.A. Political Science Sem-IV (D.E, Private & Re-appear)Click Here
(Re-appear) B.Pharmacy Sem-IIClick Here
B.Pharmacy Sem-II (Regular)Click Here
M.O.P.Click Here
B.A.L.L.B Sem-VIIIClick Here
M.Sc. Honors (Five Year Course) Botany Sem-VIIIClick Here
 (Two Year Course) M.Sc. Honors Botany Sem-IIClick Here
M.Sc. Fashion Design & Technology Sem-IIClick Here
Post Graduate Diploma in Folk Dances of Punjab Sem-IIClick Here
M.P.Ed. Sem-II (Old Syllabus)Click Here
(Re-appear) M.P.Ed. Sem-IIClick Here
B.Voc. (Fashion Technology) Sem-I (Re-appear)Click Here
B.P.T. Sem-VIIIClick Here
M.Sc. Agriculture (Agronomy) Sem-IIClick Here
M.A. Psychology Sem-IIClick Here
M.Sc. Biotechnology Sem-IVClick Here
M.B.A. Global Business Sem-I (Re-appear)Click Here
Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology Sem-IIClick Here
Other ResultsClick Here

How to Download Punjabi University Result 2019?

  1. Visit the official website of Punjabi University i.e punjabiuniversity.ac.in
  2. In the home page, you will find the Examination tab
  3. In that select on the results option, a new page will be open
  4. Click on the New Results, can select the appropriate PBI Uni Left Result link
  5. In the new page should enter the roll number and click submit button
  6. Results will appear on the screen
  7. Take the printout of the Punjabi University PBI Uni Left Result for future reference.

Punjabi University Patiala – Overview

Name of the UniversityPunjabi University
Courses OfferedScience, Engineering, Technology and & others
Established Year1962
CategorySarkari Results
LocationPatiala, Punjab
Official Sitepunjabiuniversity.ac.in

About Punjabi University Patiala

Punjabi University is a state university located in Patiala, Punjab, India. Punjabi University teaches and researches in science, engineering, and technology, humanities, social sciences, performing arts and sports. It was established on 30 April 1962 and is only the second university in the world to be named after a language. The institution has more than 70 teaching and research departments, covering disciplines in Humanities, Science, Fine Arts, Computer Science, and Business Management. To obtain a doctorate degree from the university one should pass the Punjabi language exam (Punjabi Pravesika) conducted by the university twice a year. Students who study Punjabi as a subject until the 10th standard need not pass the test to qualify.

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Punjabi University Result Reappear 2019-20

Students are waiting for the PBI Uni Left Result if they scored well they will lead to next year. But if they will not get more marks they can apply for the Revaluation Results. Once they applied for the Examination, the higher level Examiner will check the paper again. They can get the revaluation results within the time. Also if they still get fail marks, they can apply for the supplementary examination. For each and every semester Students can apply for the revaluation after the announcement of the main examination results. However, the PBI UNI will take a week or more to process the exam papers to announce the Punjabi University Revaluation Result. In the same way, stay updated with the University to know about the Punjabi University Revaluation Result.

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